The Gold Edition / #1

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The first edition of our newsletter is here. Every once in a while we'll update our community on events, offers, apparel and good things we're doing for the city. 

Let's begin.


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#1 - Membership has its privileges

We have added some additional options to get you started at Stay Gold. If you're an absolute beginner or training for the Olympics we've got you covered. 

We know that people want to join STAY GOLD because of our community spirit and 24/7 access to our sweet facility. But you also want really great programming and guidance. So we've cooked-up some packages to help get you get going with confidence, consistancy and coaching. 



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#2 - Mentorship

Want to do your own workout? Or maybe you've got a written program customized to your needs. Or perhaps you just want to do the STAY GOLD Workout Of The Day with some friends. 

You can use the gym 24/7 to do any of these. And NOW, we're adding time slots where a Mentor/Coach will be patrolling to offer assistance, tips, form corrections or personalized modifications. We're here to help. 



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#3 - Karma

We're looking for a few good people to help with some of our core operational tasks like maintenance, admin and other little things. Trade time for gold.

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#4 - Host Your HOLIDAY Party Here

Do you need a venue for your Holiday shin-dig? We rent space when you need it for parties, charity events and soirees. 



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If you and 2 or more of your friends want to start together, we'll wave your initiation fees and give your crew some extra personal group training sessions to help you get started.

Offer is good till Nov 30th.



Well, that's it for now.

Let us know if you want to see anything specific in future editions. We love feedback and community support.

- Stay Gold Team /




Dhani Oks